Nationwide Children’s Hospital-Partners for Kids “We Are Agile and Innovative” 2021 award for our commitment to generate and share new ideas while embracing change.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital -Partners for Kids We Prioritize Quality and Safety 2022 award for “putting clients and families at the center of every decision, creating a safe day-every day with clear communication, routinely seeking input from others and always supporting our colleagues.”

Selected programs at the agency have been CARF accredited and certified by  Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Click here to view our most recent CARF survey report.


The Juvenile Sex Offender Program at MOPS is certified by ODYS – Certification Letter.


The Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc., Doctoral Psychology Internship Program (MOPS-IP) in Health Service Psychology is APA-accredited.MOPS is an APPIC Approved intern site.