Agency History

Agency History

Mid-Ohio Counseling Center was established in 1989 by Dr. Stephanie Miller, Bradley Hedges, Dean Bachelor, Suzanne Wing, and Greg Szafranski.  In 1992, Mid-Ohio Psychological Services (MOPS) was incorporated as a non-profit community mental health agency and was certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) to provide counseling and diagnostic assessment services. An extended story of MOPS’ history can be found at MOPS History 1989 through 2015. Expanding beyond our original client population of sex offenders and persons referred by Children Services, MOPS provides a full continuum of mental health services for all residents of Ohio. MOPS also provides an extensive array of mental health services. MOPS provides a number of alternative sentencing programs including sexual offending recovery program groups, and youth who cause sexual harm as well as an extensive aggression management program. MOPS provides substance abuse treatment services in the form of substance abuse assessment, individual counseling, and group counseling services. MOPS currently employs more than 85 individuals, including psychologists, counselors, social workers, and various other masters and bachelor level clinicians.

MOPS utilizes a somewhat unique approach to community mental health in terms of the management philosophy, as well as clinical philosophy. MOPS utilizes a “psychology model” clinical approach as opposed to a more traditional social work or medical model. Utilizing a psychological model, staff attempt to ensure that a clear diagnostic picture and clinical formulation are established prior to initiating treatment services.

MOPS provides integrated care to various members in our community including medical offices, schools, and court systems. Additionally, MOPS provides prevention services is a variety of school systems.

To support the services provided by MOPS, a state-of-the-art clinical software has been developed to aid in managing clinical information, as well as billing information. This system allows clinicians to focus on the provision of services, rather than being distracted by bureaucratic demands.

The staff of MOPS continue to strive to provide quality mental health services in a fashion which is responsive to both clients and systemic needs. The agency has expanded its use of technology to develop and utilize a Standards of Care website that defines, in a dynamic fashion, the agency’s standard of care for clients based on the client’s age and treatment needs. This also provides agency clinical staff with a centralized location for resources that support and ensure the quality of the care provided to each client.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020, MOPS expanded services to a telehealth environment. MOPS created a client portal and made telehealth advancements so that all clients continue to have access to care. The pandemic allowed for MOPS to expand services beyond our physical locations and serve all residents of Ohio.