Prevention Services

Prevention Services


To codify the Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. policies concerning the delivery of Prevention Services and establish the responsibilities of both clinical staff and support staff for the delivery of this service.


It is the policy of Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. to provide the highest quality, most cost effective prevention services. Prevention services are to be proactive and evidence-based, to reduce individual, family and environmental risk factors, increase resiliency, enhance protective factors and achieve individual and comprehensive community wellness through a team or collaborative approach.

Prevention services utilizes strategies designed to keep individuals, families, groups and the community free from the problems related to alcohol or other drug use, mental disorders, physical illness or violence and abuse by providing information to the general public of problems associated with those issues, thereby raising awareness; or to intervene with at-risk or identified individuals to reduce or eliminate identified concerns. Prevention activities are culturally relevant, age appropriate, gender appropriate and targeted toward the multiple settings within the various school districts and/or general public. Services are provided in the community and local school systems.

Prevention, consultation and education are the primary interventions utilized. Specific strategies include increasing knowledge / raising awareness; building skills / competencies; increasing involvement in healthful alternatives; increase access to appropriate services; improve the early identification of need and referrals; implementing behavioral change; reduce incidence of problem behavior; building the capacity of collaborative partnerships; building the capacity of the community to address its needs.

Prevention services are provided and supervised by eligible providers and supervisors as defined by the Administrative Code 5122-29-30 and supported by competent support staff, all of whom are sensitive to the needs of the consumer (including varied ethnic/cultural backgrounds, disabling condition, and social/physical environments that affect the person’s functioning). It is the responsibility of the Executive Director, Operations Director, Site Supervisor and Program Coordinators to oversee the delivery of Prevention services. The responsible staff will codify the procedures for this service and for ensuring compliance by all staff with the established procedures, reporting any discrepancies to the appropriate staff personnel and the Executive Director.

It is the responsibility of all clinical staff and support staff to provide immediate feedback to the Executive Director when any problems arise in the delivery of this service or when any areas for improvement are identified. It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Committee to review the provision of this service through established procedures to ensure the thoroughness, appropriateness, and effectiveness of service delivery. The agency shall survey periodically other community systems to determine prevention needs that may be desired by the systems, persons or families being served by those other systems.


MOPS will utilize an evidence based prevention program.

Staff will be assigned to oversee prevention services as requested by an agency.


* Client/Parent/Guardian agree to participation in services

* Child enrolled in an eligible/participating in school & have a need for services

Continued Stay

* Client/Parent/Guardian agree to continued services

* Child enrolled in an eligible/participating school & have continuing need for services


* Client completes all sessions associated with the prevention program

* Client elects to discontinue participation in the prevention program


The following outcomes will be measured:

* Number of individuals served.

* When possible, pre/post program outcomes will be obtained to evaluate the program effectiveness.


Documentation will include the name/ID of person served, number of sessions attended, prevention program attended and pre/post tests scores when possible. This documentation will be kept under the same provisions as though the prevention services were an individual client in terms of confidentiality, length of retention, etc.

Board Approved 7/28/2016