MOPS values life-long learning, continuous improvement, and reflective clinical practice as essential components of growth, adaptation, and change. In support of the agency mission and vision, MOPS promotes staff education and development and provides opportunities for growth and advancement of all.

PROCEDURES:The agency will use many avenues to provide staff training. MOPS will provide training to all employees by providing training meetings, workshops, and e-trainings developed by the agency and other online trainings resources.

Pre-Service Training for All Staff/Interns/Volunteers

Within the first week of employment, all staff will receive orientation to the organization. This includes a review by their immediate supervisor of the agency’s mission/vision/history, agency websites (, CIS, and Sharepoint), issues of confidentiality, and general work duties. All staff will be expected to review all of the agency policy and procedures found on the MOPS web site and will be required to sign a statement affirming that they have reviewed and agreed to follow the agency policies and procedures.  Orientation aids will be made available to all staff including the New Employee Checklist.

Within 45 days of employment, all new staff will complete the following e-trainings which can be found on the training section of the MOPS web site:

In addition to the pre-service training given to all employees, new clinical staff will also be provided additional training related to the direct delivery of services.  This additional training may be provided by either the staff’s clinical supervisor or administrative supervisor whichever is deemed to be the most appropriate at the time. Additional orientation aids will be utilized to assist with this additional training, including:

Case Note Structure and Types
New Clinician Checklist
Adult Psychosocial History Instructions
Juvenile Psychosocial History Instructions
MOPS Clinical Time Sheet Guidelines
Outcomes Procedural Manual
Outcomes Users Manual
Case Compliance Checklist

In addition to the e-trainings required of all staff, clinical staff must also complete the e-training entitled Treatment Planning  within 45 days of employment.

Ongoing Training: All Staff

The agency will make every effort to keep employees informed of any changes made to Policy and Procedure.  Employees will sign a statement indicating they have reviewed any major changes and updates to the agency’s Policy and Procedure material.  Employees should review the Policy and Procedure material annually.

All staff will annually complete agency approved trainings in the following areas:

Cultural Diversity/Competency
Safety and Infection Control
Rights of the persons served
Person and family centered services
The prevention of workplace violence
Expectations regarding professional conduct

Ongoing Training:Clinicians

MOPS provides all staff training opportunities that allow for each person to develop according to his/her own personal and professional needs.

The agency is a CEU provider for the Ohio Psychology Association and the Ohio Counselor Social Worker Marriage and Family Therapy Board.  This allows the agency to assist our staff and other clinical staff within the community in obtaining the continuing education credits they must obtain to remain licensed.

Specific CEU requirements for MOPS clinical staff are as follows:

Psychologists/Assistants–23 hours of continuing education in a biennium, with 3 of those hours in professional conduct/ethics.

Counselors/Social Workers— 30 hours of continuing education in a biennium, with 3 of those hours in ethics.

Forensic Evaluators—at least eight clock hours of specialized training in the field of forensic psychology.

Clinical Supervisors–supervisors through the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board will receive at least three clock hours of specialized training in supervision and three in Ethics

Interns participate in the following training activities on a weekly basis: 2 hours of group supervision, 2 hours of individual supervision, and a minimum of 4 hours of formal didactic training focused on established areas of competency in the practice of psychology.

The agencies Professional Staff Organization (PSO) will ensure that all clinical staff are appropriately licensed and qualified to perform the duties that they are assigned to perform by reviewing clinical staff declarations.MOPS provides agency resources that support the provision of clinical services that employ evidence based practices in the provision of psychological, emotional, and behavioral intervention.

Other Considerations:

MOPS values outside influences and creative perspectives.  MOPS invites outside speakers to conduct trainings when appropriate and internal weekly trainings are made available to all community mental health professionals through the use of marketing and online registration.

MOPS maintains an active relationship with institutions of higher learning and is actively involved in training programs by providing internship experiences at the Masters and Doctoral level.  MOPS views such formal training activities as mutually beneficial experiences for the agency and the student.

The agency will maintain an archive of the instruction materials and power points of all workshops offered by the agency for reference material by all staff of the agency.

A record of all training activities that staff participates in will be maintained in the staff members personnel file. Staff are to provide copies of all certificates for completed training to the Director of Operations.

Latest revision 4/18/16