Franklin County Office

In 2004, MOPS expanded by opening a clinic location in Franklin County at Eastland Executive Square, 2246 Hamilton Road, Suite 202.  This Clinic initially focused on adolescent clients and sexual offenders counseling for adolescents.  Additional services have been made available as client needs dictate.  In 2008, MOPS expanded services in Franklin County by moving into a larger suite in Eastland Executive Square, 2238 S. Hamilton Road, Suite 200.  This clinic continues to expand services,  adding services for anger management and domestic violence.  In 2010, this site doubled the office space and created a Training Center that host over 50 annual trainings.  Additionally in 2010, this location began adding staff on-site at Alvis House to provide treatment for clients in the Sexually Aggressive Developmentally Delayed Adults.  Currently, the Franklin County office has 10 clinicians and one case manager.

Special Programs that are provided at the Delaware Office: