Fairfield County Office

In 1992, Mid-Ohio Psychological Services (MOPS) was incorporated as a non-profit community mental health agency and was certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) to provide counseling and diagnostic assessment services.  Shortly prior to being certified by ODMH, moved to 624 East Main Street where the MOPS main office is currently located. Upon being certified as a community mental health agency, the primary focus of services was on providing quality diagnostic evaluations and individual counseling to delinquent/unruly youth and sex offender treatment services.  A significant portion of the client population serviced by MOPS were youth who were placed through foster care agencies. By 1995, demand for services through MOPS had increased, resulting in a need for additional space.  The 624 East Main Street building was doubled in size. In 2003, MOPS expanded into a second building to accommodate an increase in staff due an increase in the demand for services.  The second building is adjacent to the 624 building, at the address of 630 E. Main Street. In 2005, MOPS again expanded by opening administrative offices at 632 East Main Street. In 2007, MOPS expanded services in Fairfield County by adding staff on-site at Fairfield County Job and Family Services and Fairfield County Municipal Court.  Services were also expanded in Franklin County with additional staff to provide psychological evaluations, testing, and medication services.  Currently, the Lancaster office has 17 clinicians on staff and 3 case managers.

Special Programs offered at the Fairfield County office: