About MOPS

MOPS was established in 1992 to provide quality mental health services to the residents of Fairfield county and surrounding areas.  Please read about our history as an agency, the services we provide, and our core values and clinical philosophy that we believe make us unique in the field.  If you would like more information about who we are and how we operate, please feel free to e-mail us at info@mopsohio.com 



Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc.  provides high-quality, cost-effective, culturally-sensitive, socially-responsible, mental health, substance abuse, and support services to individuals and community organizations, while offering professional development to its staff and other professionals in the field.

Core Values

To achieve our mission, we value…

Personal Growth

  • Becoming better people matters. Each person’s effort and voice are important to continued success.


  • Act ethically and responsibly.  Treat people with dignity and respect.


  • Sharing each person’s unique and valuable gifts and talents is how success is attained. Embrace diversity.

Strong Relationships

  • Listen and respond to the needs of clients, staff and community members, treating them as partners. Being collaborative, accessible, and responsive.


  • Change is an organic process that requires flexibility to support the agency and the clients’ needs.


  • Relentless drive to produce positive outcomes



To best serve our communities, we strive to be efficient while maintaining high quality care by incorporating technology, collaborative internal and external relationships, and diverse payor sources.