Therapeutic Behavioral Services Program

How does the program work?
The client and therapeutic mentor may meet at the client’s home, at school, or in the community to address and practice social, communication, problem-solving, conflict-resolution, and independent living skills.  The therapeutic mentor will meet with the client on a weekly basis at the beginning of treatment; however, the frequency of contact may decrease over time based on client need and progress.  In addition, the therapeutic mentor will meet with the client, parent(s)/caretakers, and the counselor on a regular basis to evaluate client progress.  Based on the needs of the client, the length of the program may vary.  The client, parent(s)/caretakers, therapeutic mentor, and counselor will decide when the client has completed treatment.  Program completion will occur once the client’s treatment goals related to the program have been successfully completed.

Active Participation
Clients who participate in the program are encouraged to participate in individual face-to-face contact with the therapeutic mentor.  In addition to receiving therapeutic mentoring, clients will also be required to participate in individual counseling at the agency.  Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to participate in the client’s treatment through regular contact with the therapeutic mentor and attending counseling services with their child.

How are clients referred?
Schools, judges, probation officers, Children Services, Developmental Disability (DD) organizations, family physicians, counselors, care providers, and parents/caretakers can refer clients to the program.  Referral sources can contact the agency to refer clients to the program.  A staff member will complete a brief intake with the referral source over the phone and an appointment will be scheduled for a diagnostic assessment.  If  the individual is already a client at Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc., then a meeting may be scheduled with the Program Coordinator to decide if the client will benefit from the program.  If the client is appropriate for the program, he or she will then be matched with a therapeutic mentor.