Service Policies


Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Service/AOD Case Management 
Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Service provides an array of services delivered by a community based, mobile, multidisciplinary team of professionals and paraprofessional.  Services are directed towards adults, children and adolescents and will vary with respect to hours, type and intensity of services, depending on the changing needs of each individual.  These services are expected to complement other services already in place for the individual.    The purpose of services is to encourage the individual’s multi-system involvement as appropriate and to ensure continuity and effectiveness of delivery of services and/or systems to the individual.

Home-Based Therapy
Home-Based Therapy (HBT) is a community based mental health intervention targeted for children and families experiencing mental illness that impacts their functioning in the natural environment.  HBT may be utilized as an adjunct to psychotherapy services or may be used as a primary treatment modality.  The initial referral for HBT and subsequent level of service intensity are based on the client’s ability to effectively live in the community and maintain maximal autonomy (independence).

AOD Services   
AOD services include an array of services delivered by qualified staff to persons with AOD issues.

Forensic Services

Forensic mental health services are face-to-face evaluations conducted by order of the local court to address the following types of issues involving persons interacting with the legal system:  competency to stand trial, sanity at the time of the commission of an offense, post-NGRI (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity), presentence, mitigation of penalty, mitigation of death penalty, domestic violence, competency to be a witness, adult parole authority (parole revocation), psychological effect of an act upon the victim, domestic relations (for custody and guardianship), juvenile dependency (neglect or delinquency), bind-over, sexual predator, or other specific issues directly related to the application of the law with regard to a mental health condition.

Prevention Services

Prevention services are to be proactive and evidence-based, to reduce individual, family and environmental risk factors, increase resiliency, enhance protective factors and achieve individual and comprehensive community wellness through a team or collaborative approach. Prevention services utilizes strategies designed to keep individuals, families, groups and the community free from the problems related to alcohol or other drug use, mental disorders, physical illness or violence and abuse by providing information to the general public of problems associated with those issues, thereby raising awareness; or to intervene with at-risk or identified individuals to reduce or eliminate identified concerns. Prevention activities are culturally relevant, age appropriate, gender appropriate and targeted toward the multiple settings within the various school districts and/or general public. Services are provided in the community and local school systems.