Mid-Ohio Psychological Services will present the agency to clients, referral sources, and the community in a positive fashion, consistent with legal and ethical requirements. The Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating and delegating all marketing activities conducted by the agency.


Proper marketing practices emphasize the quality of services provided by Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. Marketing efforts focus on providing our clients and referral sources with accurate information so they can make informed decisions.

The agency’s logo and color scheme of creme, maroon, and hunter green will used on all materials to promote the agency including but not limited to signage, letterhead, business cards, and brochures.  All agency mailings will use the official letterhead of MOPS. The agency name and logo is to be protected from use by others.

The agency will use its webpage as a promotion tool, by posting agency contact and service information, as well as information that may assist clients and referral sources in understanding and accessing the services that MOPS provides.

The agency will participate whenever possible in events that promote the agency and mental health causes.

Marketing practices or activities that could harm the agency, its employees, clients, or referral sources regardless of the justification of such activities are prohibited.  Prohibited activities include the following:

  1. Using deceptive or misleading statements.
  2. Attempting to induce individuals to place their personal interests above those of the companies or organizations they represent.
  3. Attempting to restrict competition by
    1. Obtaining unauthorized access to proprietary information or documents.
    2. Securing an unfair competitive advantage.
  4. Violating any law or regulation.
  5. Engaging in any activity that could damage the company’s reputation.

Employees may only use legal, ethical, and proper methods when representing the agency and it’s services.

Information on the agency’s services must be accurate and free of misleading or deceptive statements or intentional omissions of material facts.


Rev. 12/15/2013