Governing Body

Governing Body

Mid-Ohio Psychological Services will be governed by a board of directors as set forth in the by-laws.  New board members will be recommended by current members with an attempt to represent a variety of professions and a balance between AOD and Mental Health representation. In addition, the board will try to represent both the primary and secondary consumers of the services Mid-Ohio provides.  Conflicts of interest will be avoided by not selecting members who work for organizations that Mid-Ohio holds contracts with, and all members are expected to rescue themselves if issues arise that present the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The board of directors duties will be to:

1. Provide for orientation of its new members, including providing information about governing structure, duties, responsibilities and operations of the organization;

2.Approve the annual budget and plan for services every May;

3.  Conduct meetings at least quarterly (January, March, May, July, September, and November) which shall include:


  • a review of the summary of quality assurance activities and governing body actions taken as a result of this review; and
  • a review of a summary of client rights activities.

4. Maintain minutes of meetings of the governing body including, but not limited to:

  • date, time and place of the meeting
  • names of members who attended; and
  • topics discussed and actions taken.

5.  Establish procedures for selecting the Chief Executive officer or Executive Director;

6. Establish duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director;

7. Select the Executive Director;

8. Establish, review and update as necessary the agency’s policies, and document that this review has occurred;

9. Ensure that the agency has a table of organization;

10. Review the annual service evaluation conducted according to rune 5122-28-04 of the Ohio Administrative Code;

11.  Conduct an annual review, evaluation and review of the compensation package of the Executive Director in November;

12. Ensure adequate malpractice and liability insurance protection for its corporate membership, governing body, advisory board (if applicable), agency and agency staff, and review such protection annually;

13.  Ensure that opportunity is offered for input regarding the planning, evaluation, delivery, and operation of mental health services, which shall include but not be limited to the opportunity to participate in the activities of or participate on the governing body, advisory groups, committees, or other agency bodies, to:

a)Persons who are receiving or have received mental health services, and their family members; and

b) Persons who collectively represent a wide range of community interests and demographic characteristics of the service district in categories such as race, sex and socio-economic status;

14.  Ensure that the hours of operation for services and/or activities accommodate the needs of persons served, their families and significant others; and

15. Ensure that all services provided and employment practices are in accordance with non-discrimination provisions of all applicable federal laws and regulations.

16. Review client rights and grievances reports.

17. Review all Quality Assurance activities at least quarterly and ensure resolution to inadequacies.

18. Approve the annual Quality Assurance plan in November.

19. Clarify any potential conflicts of interest and document issues related to potential conflicts.


Rev. 12/15/2013