Consumer Outcomes

Consumer Outcomes

The Quality Assurance Coordinator will be responsible for consumer outcomes with oversight from the Executive Director.

Consumer outcomes can be described as the extent to which an intervention results in a desirable condition.  Within the scope of mental health treatment services, consumer outcome can be thought of as encompassing a range of domains including client satisfaction, self-perceived improvement in functioning, and/or decrease in maladaptive behavior/activities.

Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. will use a system to measure consumer outcomes for youth and for adults who receive mental health services at the agency.  The two systems that the agency uses are “Mid-Ohio Psychological Services Consumer Outcome form” and the “National Outcome Measurement System” (NOMS).

The Mid‐Ohio Psychological Services Youth and Adult Consumer Outcome Form are administered to all clients when an Individualized Service Plan is being developed or revised.  This includes at the initiation of services and at least every 90 days subsequent to the initiation of services.  Additionally, the form should be completed any time a major revision to the treatment is being made, resulting in an updated Individualized Service Plan.  This would include times when a particular service is being added, a goal is being added or deleted, or other material changes to the Individualized Service Plan occur.  Further information about the Mid-Ohio Psychological Services Outcomes can be found in the Adult manual and Youth manual.

Additionally, Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. utilizes the National Outcome Measurement System is completed at various times over the course of treatment.  The NOMS Admission Form is completed after the first diagnostic assessment appointment.  The NOMS Update Form is completed annually after the client has participated in treatment for a year.  The NOMS Discharge Form is completed as part of the case closure process when the chart is prepared for closure.  At this time, the NOMS data is not submitted to the State; however, this may change in the future as may be required by Ohio Department Mental Health & Addiction Services.  Further information about NOMS can be found on the OMHAS Treatment Episode Outcome manual.

Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc. will use outcomes data through the agency’s QA process and the agency will provide evidence that outcomes data are being used in both treatment planning and performance improvement activities.